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“Professional life coach. "Keen" to make a difference!”


“Bennie is very sincere and absolutely passionate about helping other”


“He is strict but fair. He gives 100% and he expects 100% in return. No

half measures. A good friend and mentor. Thanks Bennie:


About us


It’s a solution focused approach to personal development aimed at helping people make very positive and lasting changes in their lives.

People, or ‘clients’, are encouraged to realise their true potential by following a process that will uncover and eliminate obstructive thinking and behavioural patterns in their lives.

The life coach facilitates this change using tried and trusted tools and techniques to empower their clients, in a caring, supportive and inspiring environment.

A life coach is there to guide and inspire his or her client to bring about a clearer understanding of their aspirations, goals and life purpose and to effect the necessary changes in their current and future behaviour to ensure the realisation of those goals and aspirations.

Human nature being what it is … with the motivation, support and caring that a good life coach can provide, most people are capable of achieving far more and leading more fulfilling lives than they would if left to their own devices!

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